Jun. 24th, 2016

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Hello fellow writer! I've got a little bit about my prompts below, but feel free to get creative!

I'm a huge sucker for happy fluffy things and when it comes to fanworks this is no difference. I don't mind the characters facing a daunting struggle, but I like my endings happy and hopeful. Some of my favorite tropes to hit are- bickering like a married couple or flirting while bickering, what happens after the "happy ending" / where do they go next with their story, females being awesome and badass (even if they are visually "girly girls"), the power of friendship, hugging and forehead touches, adventure and humor.

Angst/darkness with no point or purpose, cynical/dark endings, pregnancy fic and art, abusive relationships, noncon of any kind, overtly sexual themes (PG-13/fade to black please!), potshotting/using a character's voice to bash another character, pairings that have not been listed as okay.

Fandom: Darkwing Duck

I'd love anything exploring the aspect that Drake and Launchpad are basically Gosalyn's two dads. I love their little found family, as odd as it may be. Whether it's Gosalyn getting older (teenaged?) and them having to deal with the new challenges of that or something with her reminiscing on how her life has changed since Drake adopted her. Superhero antics are totally welcome as well :)

Fandom: Love Live! School Idol Project

I'd love to see a piece post-series/movie about where the third years go next with their lives. Does Nozomi move in with Eli? Nico get a solo career? Eli go back into dance? What does their lives after u's have in store for them? (Feel free to mention their interaction with the rest of the girls if you want!- especially because I could see Nico's relationship with Maki or mentorship of Hanayo being important to her)

Fandom: Ever After High

I'm a big fan of this series and I adore all the cast so much. So I have a lot of options for you! Any character centered piece with any of the listed girls. Could be her friendships with any of the girls or their relationship with their family. A two-girl lead adventure would also be awesome. 

Thank you again and have fun writing!


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