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abarero ([personal profile] abarero) wrote2013-10-10 12:12 pm

Pokemon XY Friending Meme!

In case you've never been involved in one of these- this it how it goes. Reply to this post with the survey below and link this post to your friendslist so more people will come post their survey. Then people will browse through the replies to see if there's anyone they'd like to friend. Then just reply to them and ask to friend. Simple as that!

A few little rules:
1) KEEP ALL IMAGES PG-13 or below! (since some of us like to use LJ at work XD)
2) Be nice and don't bash people/characters/pairings!
3) That being said- start spreading the word and replying! And don't be shy!

Favorite Pokemon:
Favorite Pokemon Type:
Favorite Pokemon Game:
Have you picked your XY starter? Which one?:

Other Fandoms: (please list the ones you are most likely to post about)
Favorite characters: (please list the ones you are most likely to post about)
Favorite pairings: (please list the ones you are most likely to post about)
What do you post about in your journal?:
Other Interests:
What sites are you the most active on? Are there any sites you prefer to be friended on over others?:
Anything else?:


~* Pokemon XY Friending Meme *~

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