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Rare Pair Fest 2016 Letter

 Hello fellow rare-pairer! I've got a little bit about my prompts below, but feel free to get creative!

I'm a huge sucker for happy fluffy things and when it comes to fanworks this is no difference. I don't mind the characters facing a daunting struggle, but I like my endings happy and hopeful. Some of my favorite tropes to hit are- bickering like a married couple or flirting while bickering, what happens after the "happy ending" / where do they go next with their story, females being awesome and badass (even if they are visually "girly girls"), the power of friendship, hugging and forehead touches, adventure and humor.

Angst/darkness with no point or purpose, cynical/dark endings, pregnancy fic and art, abusive relationships, noncon of any kind, overtly sexual themes (PG-13/fade to black please!), potshotting/using a character's voice to bash another character, pairings that have not been listed as okay.

Fandom: Ever After High

Apple/Darling- After finding out she's the white knight, Apple asks Darling for fighting lessons because "a true princess should be able to protect her people." Of course, the close quarters end up making them fall for each other.
Cupid/Blondie- Given their jobs (reporter/being cupid) I feel they both are pretty perceptive about the feelings and goings on of the other students. Would love to see what happens when they both suspect the other is crushing on them and are uncertain how to proceed.

Fandom: Fire Emblem Awakening

MyUnit/Tharja - anything that explores viewing Tharja's stalker tendancies as being her social awkardness/any sort of tragic past (no rape please!). I'd like there to be a good reason for it that Robin can begin to understand and find endearing- so anything exploring that angle.
Tiki/Say'ri - While the text was heavier on slashy vibes than some others, I'd love to see this relationship explored further. Anything with the idea of Tiki (although she's older) trying to get Say'ri to loosen up and have fun would be awesome.
Lissa/Maribelle - I adore these two and would love to see them going from more "proper" ladies to the battle maidens we can get with reclassing them (love the war cleric battle dress!), with the angle that they are wanting to be stronger so they can protect the other and then both finding that out about the other and being touched.

Fandom: Pokemon (Video Games)

May/Lisia/Zinnia - Flustered May between two forward ladies and unsure how to deal with all the attention. Please make it a true polyship and feel free to explore it from all angles of it.

Fandom: Love Live! School Idol Project
Hoshizora Rin/Koizumi Hanayo - Turning the Love Wing Bell episode into a resulting love confession/hookup.
Nishikino Maki/Yazawa Nico - after Nico graduates, Maki reluctantly admits she misses her. Ensue hijinks with the rest of the group trying to hook them up much to their equally tsundere dismay.

Fandom: Mass Effect
Fem!Shep/Samara - I love the little the Citadel DLC gave us, but would like to see Samara's vows and how that effects their relationship explored further. I'm totally down for asexual!Shepard for this and would love this relationship explored from an asexuality angle.

Thank you again and have fun creating!

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