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Salutations! A little to know about me:

 Whether you're here to stay or here to gather info so you can fill a fic exchange for me, here's some basics to help you get acquainted. 

About me:

30-something, female, white, American, asexual, demi/bi-romantic. Lives in the Midwest. Loves lazing around the house with my five cats. Enjoys writing when the mood strikes and needs to be better about reading the giant mountain of books I've collected. Seamstress/Cosplayer who staffs at one convention and usually attends a few others a year. Works at a bookstore. Loves nerding about animals, geology, space, prehistoric critters and fandoms. Favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Jonathan L. Howard and William Shakespeare.  Disney/Pixar diehard. 

What I love:
Happily ever afters, hope defeating adversity, healthy relationships, domestic fluff, the power of friendship/love, females being awesome and badass (even if they are visually "girly girls"), adventure, humor, canon compliant (unless au, in which case the characters should remain like their canon selves)
Will not stand for:
Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia, Asexual/Aromantic Erasure, Xenophobia, Fatphobia, Body Shaming, Ableism, Incest, Pedophilia, Rape/Non-Con of any kind
No Thank You/Personal squicks:
Omegaverse, Seme/Uke dynamics, Underage characters (under 18) paired with anyone canonically over 21, any relationship with massive power imbalance (student/teacher, adult/underage character, etc), making a canonically nice/kind character yandere/evil, most rival pairings/hate ships, unfaithfulness in relationships, Deathfic, Cynical/Dark plots without a point, concepts that completely remove free will (Soulmate marks, being forced to love someone bc fate) as opposed to something like red string of fate that is still ~destiny~ without forcing it, villianizing cats/felines, pairings that break up my ships
Give me a Warning for:
Animal abuse/death, pregnancy/child birth, depiction or talk about needles, self-harm/suicide, nsfw

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