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The Giant List of Fave Characters/Ships

This post will give you an idea about my favorite characters, relationships and pairings from various fandoms I'm into.

Re: younger characters. As I'm ace, I sometimes don't realize how often people take the term "ship" and use it to mean "sexual situations." Obviously, for some of these characters I would not at all like that interpretation implied until they are much older, so I've made an indication of those pairings by using the x instead of the / to show that right now it's purely a romantic relationship and not a sexual one.

So for ease of notation:
/ indicates a ship in which I am okay with it being sexual going by the ages at the end of the series.
x for a ship that I view romantically, not sexually (ie. dating, holding hands, cuddling, chaste kisses)
+ for strictly platonic relationships

[Anime/Manga Fandoms]

Yuri!!! On Ice: [anime]
Favorite Characters: Victor, Yuuri
Favorite Pairings: Victor/Yuuri
Favorite Platonic Relationships: Yuuri+Phichit, Victor+Chris, Yurio+Otabek
Other Characters: Phichit, Chris... OH YOU KNOW I LOVE EVERYONE. Yes, even you JJ. 
Other Pairings: LeoxGuang-Hong, Chris/his mystery bf,
 Sara/Mila, Emil/Michele

Axis Powers Hetalia: [manga]
Favorite Characters: America, England
Favorite Pairings: America/England
Favorite Platonic Relationships: Prussia+Germany BROS, America+Lithuania
Other Characters: Prussia, Japan, Finland, Denmark, China, Seychelles, Ukraine, Estonia...EVERYONE.
Other Pairings: Finland/Sweden, Poland/Lithuania,  Prussia/Switzerland, Greece/Japan, France/Canada, Canada/Cuba, France/Seychelles, Denmark/Norway, China/S.Korea, Estonia/Ukraine, N.Italy/Germany, America/Japan

Love Live! / Love Live Sunshine!: [anime]
Favorite Characters: Nozomi, * Hanamaru
Favorite Pairings: Nozomi/Eli, HanamaruxRuby
Favorite Platonic Relationships: the whole cast of course
Other Characters: Eli, Maki * Kanan, Riko- I love all the girls tho
Other Pairings: NicoxMaki, Kanan/Mari, RinxHanayo, ChikaxRiko, UmixHonokaxKotori

InuYasha: [manga]
Favorite Characters: Bankotsu, Higurashi Kagome
Favorite Pairings: InuYasha/Kagome, Bankotsu/Jakotsu
Favorite Platonic Relationships: The Shichinin-tai, Kouga+Kagome+InuYasha
Other Characters: Kouga, InuYasha, Jakotsu
Other Pairings: RinxKohaku

Fullmetal Alchemist: [manga]
Favorite Characters: Winry Rockbell
Favorite Pairings: Edward/Winry
Favorite Platonic Relationships: Edward+Alphonse, Greed-taichi
Other Characters: Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Ling Yao
Other Pairings: Roy/Riza, AlphonsexMei, Ling/RanFan, Greed/Martel

Other Faves:
  • Masayoshi/Goto & Mari/Moe [Samurai Flamenco]
  • Hajime/Utsutsu & Rui/Hajime/Utsutsu [Gatchaman Crowds]
  • Sheryl/Ranka [Macross Frontier]
  • HomuraxMadoka & KyokoxSayaka [Puella Magi Madoka Magica]
  • Lina/Gourry & Zelgadis/Amelia [Slayers]
  • Ginko/Kureha & Kureha/Ginko/Lulu [Yuri Kuma Arashi]
  • Vash/Meryl & Wolfwood/Milly [Trigun]
  • Youko/Rakushun [Juuni Kokuki]
  • Gene/Melfina [Outlaw Star]
  • Howl/Sophie [Howl's Moving Castle]
  • Utena/Anthy [Shoujo Kakumei Utena]
  • AhiruxFakir & RuexMytho [Princess Tutu]
  • Shouma/Ringo [Mawaru Penguindrum]
  • Kira/Lacus, Athrun/Meyrin, Dearka/Yzak and Shinn/Stellar [Gundam Seed/Destiny]
  • Haruka/Michiru [Sailor Moon]

[Video Game Fandoms]

Favorite Characters: N, Lillie
Favorite Pairings: N/Touko, SerenaxShauna, MoonxLillie
Other Characters: Shauna, Zinnia, Lisia, Skyla, Elesa, Adler, Lenora, Morty, Cynthia, Emma
Other Pairings: MayxLisia, MayxZinnia, ZinniaxMayxLisia, Skyla/Elesa

Fire Emblem Awakening:
Favorite Characters: Panne, Libra, Tharja
Favorite Pairings: F!Robin/Panne, F!Robin/Tharja
Other Characters:, Lissa, Chrom, Flavia, Bastillo
Other Pairings: LissaxMaribelle, Cordelia/Sumia, Libra/Lon'qu, Say'ri/Tiki, Sully/Miriel, Sumia/Gaius, Sully/Chrom

Fire Emblem Fates:
Favorite Characters: Rhajat, Scarlet, Shura
Favorite Pairings: F!Corrin/Rhajat 
Other Characters:, Izana, Reina, Rinkah, Kaden, Silas, Elise, Odin, Nyx, Benny, Mitama, Soleil, Ophelia
Other Pairings: F!Corrin/Shura, F!Corrin/Izana, F!Corrin/Scarlet, Soleil/Ophelia, Xander/Charlotte

Mass Effect:
Favorite Characters: Garrus, Tali, Jack
Favorite Pairings: F!Shepard/Garrus
Other Characters:, Mordin, Wrex, Legion, Samara, Javik, Liara, Kasumi, Grunt
Other Pairings: Shepard/Jack, Shepard/Tali, Wrex/Eve, Joker/EDI

[Books / Movies Fandoms]

Harry Potter Series:
Favorite Characters: Ron Weasley, Albus Dumbledore
Favorite Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks, Neville/Luna
Favorite Platonic Relationships: Harry+Ron
Other Characters: Neville Longbottom, Remus Lupin, Harry Potter, Sirius Black, Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger, Fred and George Weasley, Luna Lovegood
Other Pairings: Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Harry/Ron

[Various Other Faves]
  • Steve/Peggy, Tony/Pepper, Thor/Jane and Steve/Sam [MCU]
  • 9th-10th Doctor/Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)
  • Donald/Daisy and Scrooge/Goldie (Barks & Rosa comics)
  • Princess Bubblegum/Marceline (Adventure Time)
  • AangxKatara and Korra/Asami (ATLA/LOK)
  • Apple WhitexDarling Charming and ApplexRaven (Ever After High)
  • Juhani/Female Light-side Revan (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

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