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Femslash Exchange 2016!~

Hello there fellow femslasher! I'm pretty hyped about this exchange since I'm a firm believer in there never being enough femslash in fandom, so adding to it is always a good thing. Below I've included a list of overall likes/dislikes and a little bit about each fandom/pair on my list and what I love about them specifically. Hopefully this will help you out when working on my gift.

I'm a huge sucker for happy fluffy things and when it comes to fanworks this is no difference. I don't mind the characters facing a daunting struggle, but I like my endings happy and hopeful. Some of my favorite tropes to hit are- bickering like a married couple or flirting while bickering (if it fits the characters), what happens after the "happy ending" / where do they go next with their relationship, females being awesome and badass (even if they are visually "girly girls"), the power of friendship, hugging and forehead touches, adventure and humor.

Angst/darkness with no point or purpose, cynical/dark endings, pregnancy/kid fic and art, abusive relationships, noncon of any kind, overtly sexual themes (PG-13/fade to black please!), potshotting/using a character's voice to bash another character, pairings with any of the pairings not listed in prompts.


Fandom: Fire Emblem Fates
As with a lot of people, I'm totally into Fire Emblem 13/14. These pairs are some of my faves that rarely get any fanworks and I'd love to see more of them!

I adore these two and was positively gutted when the localization butchered their actual supports and instead gave us a pronoun-swapped version of the male supports. As such, I firmly hold to the original Japanese support texts for them, since it actually shows character growth and development rather than generic stalker complex. That all being said, I'd love anything with them- introspective into how they fell in love, post-Birthright or Revelations stories, general fluff and cuteness, Rhajat giving Corrin magic lessons- whatever.  I just love to see any positive fanworks for Rhajat since so much of fandom just spends its time bashing her.

F!My Unit/Scarlet-
 These supports are some of the cutest and I feel could easily be turned into a romantic support chain. Whether it's a Birthright-based story or a Revelations-based one in which Scarlet pulls a Kaze and the power of love can save her, I'd love to see where their stories take them post-game.

F!My Unit/Rinkah- As one of the first parts of the game involve Corrin sparing Rinkah's life and the way that leads into their relationship and care for each other, I'd love to see this romance and how it pans out. Does Corrin find Rinkah's fiery temper endearing? Totally understand the need to be a lone wolf too? So much potential for them given how the plot starts their relationship off. 

F!My Unit/Reina-
 Reina is such an amazing and interesting character and I'd love to see a romance with an older!build Corrin (closer in age to Xander and Ryoma aged) and how that pans out. There's a definite May/December pairing element here and I'd love to see how that affects them and their affections for one another. Does Corrin try to brush it off as a crush on an older woman she looks up to? Does Reina fear she's interested in Corrin because she reminds her of Mikoto? Lots of angles here to explore.

F!My Unit/Nyx- Nyx is a character I feel is so overlooked in fandom despite how fond I am of her and her backstory. I'd love to see how f!Corrin and her fall for one another, how Corrin tries to help Nyx resolve her past guilt or how the inherit goodness of Corrin's personality attracts Nyx to her. 

Fandom: Fire Emblem Awakening
So not only have I a deep love of this game, but I somehow ended up in the deepest for some of the MU/female character ships that don't get much of a fandom presence. 
MyUnit/Panne - Narratively at the end, if Robin chooses to defeat Grima herself, Panne makes a comment about how she did so as an honor to her Warren (the Shepards) and I'd love to see post-game Panne reuniting with Robin again (no amnesia please!) and finding comfort that this is one important member of her "Warren" that she didn't lose. Feel free to get really emotional and tug all the heartstrings, as I love the bond these two share and would love to see it explored. I'm also totally up to the idea of them finding/raising two lost taguel children that are Morgan and Yarne or having the future!versions of those children showing up and giving Panne hope that Robin will return. 
MyUnit/Tharja - I'd love something along the lines of the supports that males get with Tharja that end up giving her a kind and caring side that she hides due to trying to keep up her image as a Dark Mage. Anything exploring a possible tragic past (no rape/sexual abuse please!) or possible social aniexty elements of her character would be awesome as well. I'd love for Robin to understand her past and come to love her because who she is deep down.

MyUnit/Flavia- The supports for these two are so wonderful and the whole "sister" bit was such a "lol no homo" that I desperately itch for a fix-it that fleshes their affection out and establishes that Flavia's desire for Robin to be a part of her family is a romantic one. How do they hook up? How do their right-hand male friends of Bastillo and Chrom help them do so? Lots of angles that I'd love to see developed with the potential the game left for them.

Fandom: Mass Effect
Of course I had to go and fall for the lady romances that aren't possible really in-game, so I'm left with fandom to fill the void. Totally cool with playing a bit lax with the ending elements (Destroy with EDI/everything but the baddies somehow living and Shep surviving is my fave) as like all ME fans I have a few qualms with it.
Fem!Shep/Tali - These two have the sweetest relationship in-game and I'd love to see anything exploring where it could have gone had it been an option. What would a date with them been like? A post-game reunion? ETC.

Fem!Shep/Jack- I love the idea of Paragon!Shep somehow falling for Jack (and not in a I need to fix you and make you nice way) for who she is and coming to accept her for that. That clash of nice girl/bad girl element without either one feeling they need to compromise who they are to please the other. How could this have happened in-game if it was an option? 
Fem!Shep/Samara - I love the little the Citadel DLC gave us, but would like to see Samara's vows and how that effects their relationship explored further. I'm totally down for asexual!Shepard for this and would love this relationship explored from an asexuality angle.

Fandom: Pokemon

I have a major soft-spot for femslash in the Pokemon games and these pairs are no exception. A few little things I'd love:
Serena/Shauna - I fell for this hard in the game and would love anything exploring it. How did the relationship build throughout the story of the game? What happened post game? How did their other friends find out that they were crushing on each other? Random cute fluffy things! I don't care, I just love these girls and love anything with them.
May/Zinnia - I'd love something exploring that Zinnia's outer personality is obviously a bit of a front to hide her insecurities and past trauma. What happened to the first Aster? How can May help her feel like she's going to be okay now after all that transpired in the Delta episode? How does May finally track her down again? There's so many questions the game leaves open that I'd love to see answered!

Fandom: Cirque Arachne (Manga)

ANYTHING for this rare series and its main pairing would be utterly amazing!