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 Hello there fellow writer from [community profile] fandom5k !  Below I've included a list of overall likes/dislikes and a little bit about each fandom/pair on my list and what I love about them specifically. Hopefully this will help you out when working on my gift.
I'm a huge sucker for happy fluffy things and when it comes to fanworks this is no difference. I don't mind the characters facing a daunting struggle, but I like my endings happy and hopeful. Some of my favorite tropes to hit are- bickering like a married couple or flirting while bickering (if it fits the characters), what happens after the "happy ending" / where do they go next with their relationship, females being awesome and badass (even if they are visually "girly girls"), the power of friendship, hugging and forehead touches, adventure and humor.
Angst/darkness with no point or purpose, cynical/dark endings, pregnancy/kid fic and art, abusive relationships, noncon of any kind, overtly sexual themes (PG-13/fade to black please!), potshotting/using a character's voice to bash another character, pairings with any of the pairings not listed in prompts.

Pokemon (Video Games)

N/Touko and Moon/Lillie

Both of these pairs I adore something fierce and I'd love to see a fic with one of the following premises:

- Crossing paths- N and Lillie cross paths while she's away, meanwhile Touko's just arrived in Alola and has challenged Champion Moon. I'd love to see the two groups talking with each other and interacting, and then the double-reunion in Alola.

- I've always been a sucker for the idea that once N and Touko reunite they'd work to start a Pokemon Shelter/Adoption place where injured or abandoned pokemon are cared for and helped so they can trust humans again. Something like the Pokemon Village in XY comes to mind, but anything about them working to help Pokemon together, having fluffy couple moments and loving what they do.

- Lillie and Moon seem to be sending one another photos post-game, so I'd like a story that follows a series of photographs exchanged between then, ending with them reuniting. 

- Anything with them reuniting abroad and exploring another region together. Does Touko track N down finally in Kalos? Does Moon finally cave and go find Lillie in Johto? What sort of adventures would they enjoy together as they explore an unfamiliar land?
Both of these pairs I adore something fierce and I'd love to see a fic with one of the following premises:

Mass Effect

Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect) 
Jack | Subject Zero 
Urdnot Wrex
Mordin Solus
Tali'Zorah nar Rayya 
Mass Effect is a series near and dear to my heart, namely thanks to the wonderful cast of characters in it. Whether you decide to do a character piece or a pairing piece, feel free to incorporate as many combinations of the characters listed as even a cameo from one of them will make me happy.

Some Prompts:
- I've always wondered how well Jack got on with some of the other members of the crew, especially given that she was often my teammate with some of them. So I'd love to see a character piece with Jack having a bonding time with Mordin, Tali or Wrex. 

- The Fix-It Fic goes first and foremost here to Mordin, who I'd love to see survive and be allowed to see Wrex and the Krogan's lives changing because of what he's done to cure the genophage.  I'd love to see him hanging around and becoming Wrex's oddball friend.

- Anything post-Destroy ending (although feel free to find a way to spare EDI) with Garrus reuniting with Shepard. Does he find out she's been saved from the wreckage? Does he insist on helping out while she's still under medical care? Just all the fluffy stuff with them getting their happy ending.

- Feel free to do any character piece with Fem!Shepard and any of the characters selected (Jack, Tali, Wrex, Mordin) These were my main teammates and I'm always itching for more with them being friends.

Rogue One

Chirrut Imwe/Baze Malbus 
Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso
Cassian Andor & Jyn Erso & Bodhi Rook & Baze Malbus & Chirrut Imwe & K2SO

- As much as I expected this movie to end the way it did, I also immediately knew I'd want a Fix-It Ending where (like in every other Star Wars thing) somehow they escape at just the last minute. Did K2SO download his info to another droid, get another ship and manage to scoop everyone up in time? Did something happen not quite like we saw it, so Bodhi was able to get their ship in the air and find the others in time? Considering how many ways characters in the SW universe have gotten out of crazy impossible situations, there's plenty of ways to get these guys off the planet. What happens then? Do they go into hiding? Show up at someone's family's place and crash to wait things out? Just anything with this group and their wonderful dynamic. Feel free to have both pairings listed as well if you wish.

- Cassian/Jyn - so somehow (points to above) they get off the planet in time. Where does their lives take them next? How do they deal with their blossoming romance? Anything post-movie fix-it would be great.

- Chirrut/Baze. Okay so Chirrut pretty much jumped straight to the top 5 of my SW character faves and I adore his relationship with Baze. Anything with them past/present would be awesome. How did they hook up? How did they meet? When did they get married (because they so are)? What scrapes has Chirrut walked into that Baze has had to pull him out of? Anything with this couple and their amazing dynamic would be stellar!

Yuri on Ice!!!


I'd love anything established relationship post-series with these two would be awesome. Tell me about how Yuuri Katsuki goes onto win five world titles and the next Olympic gold. Give me domestic fluff while they're at home together (please no nagging wife!Yuuri or Victor. Let them be good husbands who both know how to cook/do the dishes but would always rather do it together). Anything with them in Hasetsu with Yuuri's family would be AMAZING.